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The artistic universe of contemporary jewellery gives rise to as many forms and currents that before would have served to nourish an entire century.
All this creative energy concentrated in the search for new beauty is revitalising and stimulating, but “the new for new’s sake” is not enough. Years of experience and a knowledge of the traditional craft are needed: the disciplines must be mastered to be transgressed.
This background, joined to a restless, creative spirit, opens a passionate path to surprise and inspiration.

The gaze ECLĒ turns on to the world is full of surprise and curiosity, and this lively spirit is reflected in its creations.
Audacity. Passion. Enthusiasm. These are qualities that serve as stimulus and imprint the character of the collection.
Daring pieces, with as much strength as delicacy, sometimes excessive, but always singular. Always surprising.



The ECLĒ workshop is the alchemical laboratory where the fire of the foundry turns noble metals into art. Where each idea is studied and discussed until it takes form.
A form that is moulded in the hands of masters of the craft with all the rigour of the traditional techniques of fine jewellery.
This level of aesthetic-technical demand is both the signature of the firm and the point of departure towards new challenges.
The result, pieces worthy of an art that works in “the precious and the singular.”
As beautiful on one side as on the other..
Worthy of a client who appreciates quality and beauty.


ECLĒ is the people who make up the House, with all our challenges and conquests.
It is the desire to express the love we feel for beauty through our work.
The yearning to give life to metal, to melt its coldness in the fire of the crucible.
The hours of study and discussion before each piece is carried to fruition.
It is the happiness of seeing the finished object for the first time and the shared smiles of the moment.
It is the pieces that do not meet our expectations and will never appear in the collection, but serve as experience to improve the next.
It is the emotion one of our pieces gives rise to when someone wears it.
It is the satisfaction of offering a product wholly made in Spain.
It is our clients, who appreciate expertise and who choose the singular.

This is ECLĒ